The thread of Adele Fado story

If I were a rockstar, after performing my greatest hits, this would be the moment I would stop the music, and ask the audience before me for silence. Whether I was in a great stadium, or in a small club, I would wait for silence around me, and introduce the members of my band who have faithfully followed me through these hard, yet, passionate years. Like a needle and thread.. the hem.. the eyelet.. the sewing  machine.. they have helped me make the dream of ADELE  FADO come true.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! A special thanks ,and place in my heart has been reserved for my husband Fabrizio. Without him,none of this would exist.
The ADELE FADO style wouldn't be what it is today without the support, experience, and passion of its members who have hand-sewn ADELE FADO into life,giving it form.

Hands that dream, hands that create, hands that give shape to products that are unique, exclusive, and solely HANDMADE.

ADELE FADO was born from a personal experience I had in Paris years ago.

I chose two words which represent the ideal woman; Adele, a noble and ancestral name, symbolizing strength and character; Fado, a type of Portuguese music that came from the depths of the soul ,a product that brings out character and strength. A product that is felt, not defined.
This mystic combination summarizes the philosophy of ADELE FADO: this is also my personal WAY OF LIFE, the desire to always draw outside the lines.